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Entity Widget Integration

Widgets can be integrated into your site within minutes, enriching your content with live sports data. Widgets are simple to use and easy to get up and running on your site in no time.

Sports data is collected by our worldwide network and presented in the widgets in a matter of seconds. Integrating the widgets into your web experience only takes a few minutes.

All that's needed to insert this widget into this page is a bit of code to:

  1. Add the widget and its properties with Javascript variable Entity_sport.
  2. Include the widget loader script with attr "defer".
  3. Define where in where_to the widget should appear in the html page.

The code below shows you what's needed to add a fixtures widget, and would work similar for any of our Widgets.

Parameter for Entity_sport

fieldStringentity_soccer, entity_cricket, entity_basketball, entity_hockey, entity_kabaddi
which sports widget do you have, pic one of them
widget_typeStringcontent_type, url
if you take an empty page where widgets url goes to, than use "url" otherwise "content_type"
widgetStringThis is the widget name which you select.
idNumberThis is match_id OR competition_id
codeStringcode is always "4654436544" .
more_oneStringonly when need perticular stat than series id and put stats name here ...like batting-most-runs
mostly empty string
widget_sizeStringsmall(320px), large(auto), medium(770px).
which size of widget do you want
where_toStringYou have give the id of tag, where widget html will append
base_pathStringIf you choose widget_type equals to "url" than you have to give that page url
linksNumber0,1 if you put 1 than all link of widget work and go to the url-page
otherwise links not work
color_typeStringlight, dark
This is use for text color.
choosed_colorStringWhich color you want for background of the widget
choosed_presetStringlightred, lightblue, darkblue, darkred etc.
idMatchesarrayThis is only use for fixed small bottom widget. Where u can put 4 match_id in array.


< div id="whereUwantToPutOnlyId">< /div>


We can also use multiple objects for multiple widgets on same page.

var Entity_sport = {
code: "4654436544",
field: "entity_cricket",
widget_type: "content_type",
widget: "match_summary",
id: 42607,
more_one: "",
widget_size: "large",
where_to: "whereUwantToPutOnlyId",
base_path: "http://xyz.com/widget_page/",
links: 0,
color_type: "dark",
choosed_color: "",
choosed_preset: "lightred",

Include loader script

< script defer src="https://dashboard.entitysport.com/widget/assets/js/widget.js"> < /script>
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