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Fantasy Points System

Learn how our fantasy points calculation enhances your gaming experience and strategy.

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getting started

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Fantasy Cricket Points System

Types of pointsT20ODITestT10
Being a part of the starting XI4444
Every run scored1111
Every wicket taken (excluding run out)25251625
Catch taken8888
Caught & Bowled33332433
Stumping/Run Out (direct)12121212
Run Out (Thrower/Catcher)6/66/66/66/6
Dismissal for a Duck (only for batsmen, wicket-keepers and all-rounders)-2-3-4-2

Bonus Points

Types of pointsT20ODITestT10
Every boundary hit1111
Every six-hit2222
Half Century (50 runs scored by a batsman in a single innings)84416
Century (100 runs scored by a batsman in a single innings)1688NA
Bonus (LBW / Bowled)8888
3 Catch Bonus44NA4
Maiden Over124NA16
4 wickets Bonus844NA
5 wickets Bonus1688NA
2 wickets BonusNANANA8
3 wickets Bonus4NANA16
30 runs scored by a batsman in a single innings4NANA8

Economy Rate

Types of pointsT20ODITestT10
Minimum overs bowled by player to be applicable2 overs5 oversNA1 over
Below 5 runs per over6NANANA
Between 5-5.99 runs per over4NANANA
Between 6-7 runs per over2NANANA
Between 10-11 runs per over-2NANANA
Between 11.01-12 runs per over-4NANANA
Above 12 runs per over-6NANANA
Below 2.5 runs per overNA6NANA
Between 2.5-3.49 runs per overNA4NANA
Between 3.5-4.5 runs per overNA2NANA
Between 7-8 runs per overNA-2NANA
Between 8.01-9 runs per overNA-4NANA
Above 9 runs per overNA-6NANA
Below 7 runs per overNANANA6
Between 7-7.99 runs per overNANANA4
Between 8-9 runs per overNANANA2
Between 14-15 runs per overNANANA-2
Between 15.01-16 runs per overNANANA-4
Above 16 runs per overNANANA-6

Strike Rate (except Bowlers)

Types of pointsT20ODITestT10
Minimum balls faced by a player to be applicable10 balls20 ballsNA5 balls
Between 60-70 runs per 100 balls-2NANANA
Between 50-59.99 runs per 100 balls-4NANANA
Below 50 runs per 100 balls-6NANANA
Between 130-150 runs per 100 balls2NANANA
Between 150.01-170 runs per 100 balls4NANANA
Above 170 runs per 100 balls6NANANA
Between 40-50 runs per 100 ballsNA-2NANA
Between 30-39.99 runs per 100 ballsNA-4NANA
Below 30 runs per 100 ballsNA-6NANA
Between 100-120 runs per 100 ballsNA2NANA
Between 120.01-140 runs per 100 ballsNA4NANA
Above 140 runs per 100 ballsNA6NANA
Between 70-80 runs per 100 ballsNANANA-2
Between 60-69.99 runs per 100 ballsNANANA-4
Below 60 runs per 100 ballsNANANA-6
Between 150-170 runs per 100 ballsNANANA2
Between 170.01-190 runs per 100 ballsNANANA4
Over 190 runs per 100 ballsNANANA6