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You can test out your integration effortlessly on your platform using the Cricket Sandbox. In Cricket Sandbox, API testing can be completed in a controlled environment to ensure that integrations with our data are seamless.

How to get started with the Cricket Sandbox?

Match IDs:

  • You have to use the given match IDs to simulate the live matches on your platform.
  • These unique ids represent the specific matches among all the matches across the Cricket.

Competition IDs

  • You have to use given competition IDs to specify the context of the matches.
  • Each competition id corresponds to a particular Cricketing competition.

Access Token

  • You need to use the provided token to test the matches and competitions.
  • This token authenticates your requests during the sandbox testing phase.


Base URL:

  • In the sandbox, All API Documentation remains the same, except for the base URL.
  • The Base URL has been updated to run the Sandbox simulation.
Sandbox URL


All the URLs of the Cricket API V2 will come under the Sandbox. If you want to use those URLs, you just need to replace Cricket API V2 base URL with Sandbox URL, and the rest URL will remain the same.

Ids to test: Competition Id: 128440, 128401Match Id: 72533, 65192Team Id: 127857,, 120141Player Id: 44114, 334

New Parameter - Start:

  • We have also added a new start parameter to fetch and update live data of matches.
  • You need to set the “Start” parameter to the current timestamp to receive real-time updates.
  • Data will be refreshed every 10 seconds for the latest match information.


Make API Requests

  1. Create API requests using the Match IDs, Competition IDs, Access Token, and the new “start” parameter.
  2. You will get the real-time data responses to test the integration thoroughly.

Explore the Live Match Data:

  1. You will get the live scores, player statistics and other relevant match information.
  2. You will have to mimic the real-world scenarios to validate your platform’s compatibility.


  1. You can use sandbox simulation to identify and resolve any issues with the Integration.
  2. You have to pay attention that you receive accurate and up-to-date Cricket data.