Entity Sports Best Football plans for Asian Football leagues

Entity Sports Best Football plans for Asian Football leagues

Are you a Football devotee and Football means more than just goals and scores to you? Asian regions have made a significant impact worldwide in the context of the Football world. The enriching craze of Football has opened doors of opportunities for many fans like you, to generate a good income with the help of technology. Whether you are a novice or an established businessman in the world of sports, choosing the right API plan is going to be a game-changer for expanding any business. Don’t panic, in this article, we aim to assist you in choosing the best football API plan as per your business requirements.

The first Football association in Asia was founded in British India in 1872 commonly called The Calcutta Football Club. After that several national football associations were formed which included, the Japan Football Association (1972), the Chinese Football Association (1924), and the All-India Football Federation (1937).

What Asian Football Leagues do we cover at Entity Sports?

There are various popular football competitions in the Asian region, which include national, club, domestic, and youth competitions.

AFC champion league

The AFC Champion League is the most popular and prestigious club competition in Asian Football. It was introduced in 1967 as the Asian Champion Club Tournament. This league consists of various football clubs across the Asian continent which include Saudi Arabia, China, South Korea, Japan, and more.

AFC cup

The Asian Football Federation organizes the AFC Cup which was first held in 2004 in Asia. Japan is the most successful team in the AFC Cup.  

AFC Asian Cup

The AFC Cup is the continent’s premier football tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). The first match took place Hong Kong in the year 1956. South Korea emerged as the first winner of the very first season of The AFC Cup.

AFC U23 championship

Asian Football Confederation organizes the AFC U23 championship which is known for giving a platform or opportunity for young individuals under the age of 23 to showcase their talent. The last match of the AFC was won by Saudi Arabia beating Uzbekistan in 2022.

AFC Women’s Asian Cup:

The AFC Women’s Asian Cup is a tournament governed by the Asian Football Confederation. It provides a platform for young women to show their talent and a way for them to play the FIFA Women’s World Cup. On 6 February 2022, the he last match of the AFC Women’s Asian Cup took place between China and South Korea.

There are several other Domestic leagues and youth competitions like

  • j1 leagues (Japan},
  •  Chinese Super League (China)
  •  K League 1(South Korea) and
  •  Saudi Professional League (Saudi Arabia).
  •  the AFC U19 championship
  • AFC U16 championship and more.

Overview of Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) was formed in 1954. It is the governing body which is responsible for organizing various Football leagues in the Asian region. The primary goal of the AFC is to promote Football globally across the Asian continent. The AFC Cup stands at a paramount position in the context of the international stage. Apart from major tournaments, AFC also organizes small tournaments that play a pivotal role in shaping the realm of Asian football.

Why should you choose Entity Sports Football API?

From enhancing viewers’ engagement to popularity gaining, Asian football leagues have a paramount role in different spot platforms like websites, mobile applications, and media outlets. Here is how Entity Sports Football API can help you enhance your sports platform engagement:

With wide-ranging data:  Stay one step ahead of the game with us, as our dedicated team is always live to cover Football-related data from all around the world. Entity covers information from various popular European football leagues like EPL, La Liga, Series A, and more.

Explore players and team details: You can stay well informed with participating teams and individual players’ details. We provide you with comprehensive data about players and teams after analyzing their performance in different competitions.

Enhance user engagement: You can keep your users well informed with the latest football news like upcoming match schedules, fixtures, and live match results by accessing entity sports football API.

Entity sports Football API Price structure

Stater Plan

To access data from 8 leagues and the FIFA Men’s World Cup, you can opt for our starter plan. Entity sports starter plan provides customers with all matches of the active season worth 10,00,000 per month.

Pro Plan

Entity Sports pro plan covers Football-related data from a diverse range which includes 20 leagues with FIFA men’s World Cup and accurate information on all football matches of the active season, you can choose our pro plan. Our pro plan provides you with extensive coverage worth 20,00,000 per month.

Elite Plan

Our Elite plan provides reliable and accurate coverage including 50 leagues plus the FIFA Men’s World Cup. It also leverages all football matches of active seasons which costs only Rs 30,00,000 per month.

How To Choose the Best Football API Plan ?

We understand that choosing the right Football API as per your business need can make you feel anxious, as this is the first and most crucial step towards expanding any business. Our suggestion can be beneficial but for taking such a pivotal decision, it is important that you know your business requirements and audience needs so that you can differentiate between our vast Football API plans.

If you are someone who is planning to start your sports platform or you are a novice in the field of sports business, our starter plan will be likely to suit you the most, as it is beginner-friendly and cheaper than the other two plans. It is advised, once you are established in this field you should subscribe to our Pro or Elite plan to provide your users with extensive Football-related data coverage.

If you are someone who has already an established sports platform and a large audience has faith in you. In such a case, you must opt for a powerfully built Football API plan. Don’t stress, Entity prepares you for every moment. Our bigger plans like Elite and Enterprise will provide you with data from a wide spectrum to help you with user engagement enrichment and business expansion.       

What are best features of Entity Sports Football API?

At Entity our only aim is to provide our clients with exactly what they are seeking and we understand how pivotal role a well-designed football API carries in the context of enhancing user engagement for your website or other sports-related business. Have a closer glance at the best features of our football API services.

High-quality data:

We believe that the quality of data holds a paramount place for expanding any business. At Entity, we aim to provide you with not only comprehensive data but also ensure that our clients get the highest quality of football-related data.

Real-time and accurate data:

You can provide your users with accurate and reliable data to make your audience habitual to your website. Entity guarantees that you can trust our data accuracy, as before providing data to our clients, It goes through several rounds of data accuracy tests. We also provides you with the latest live score updates faster than you can imagine.

Always Available:

Entity Sports values its customer’s requirements and we know our responsibility towards our clients. We are available 24/7 to support or assist you in tackling any issue seamlessly. You can reach us through email or phone call anytime you want, remember we are just a phone call away to solve your queries.

Extensive Coverage Level

From mobile apps to live score websites, Entity Sports’ powerfully built Football API coverage has everything you need to empower your business including play-by-play commentary, formation, player stats, live table, lineup, real-time, score, match events, team roaster, and competition roaster.

How to Subscribe Entity Sports Football API?

how to subscribe our Football API

You should not settle for less when Entity Sports is here to provide you with extraordinary services and features. Partnering with us will help you enhance your user experience and expand your business. Here are super easy steps to subscribe to Entity Sports and join our community.

  • Sign up for Entity digital sports
  • Verify your Email address.
  • Login at the dashboard
  • Choose a plan that suits your requirement the best
  • Now you can subscribe to your desired Football API plan from the dashboard.  

In this article, we tried to guide you in choosing the right API plan for your live score website. It will allow you to make a confusion-free and well-informed decision. We are looking forward to form a long-term partnership with your company as your data partner.