7 Best Sports APIs to Use in Your Next App

If you are also planning to develop a sports mobile app, then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss the 7 best sports APIs that you can use in your next app. Television, radio, and now sports APIs, the sports world is continuously evolving. With the changing landscape of sports, the way sports are used to be watched by fans is also changing. Enthusiasts are not following the same traditional method to keep themselves updated with their favorite sports.

They are no longer dependent on television and radio but have sifted more towards sports apps and websites. Sports apps are mostly handy and comfortable for fans to get the latest updates from the sports world.

There are multiple reasons why the world has shifted to mobile apps but the most reasonable is that fans used to get limited data from television and radio. Whereas, the sports mobile apps allow them to get a wealth of sports data on ongoing match events in a fraction of seconds. Well, thanks to sports APIs for that, as it has been the only reason why this smooth data transfer is possible.

Sports APIs are the secret weapon used by sports applications to provide minute-to-minute updates to fans. Fans can get a variety of sports data like live scores, match schedules, match analysis, players’ profiles, players’ stats, and much more. To transfer such vast data is simply not possible without sports APIs.

Why integrate sports APIs into your app?

Sports APIs are integrated by many sports platforms like betting apps, fantasy apps, sports news apps and other sports related app. It is the most used and very popular way to fetch a wide range of sports data without worrying about accuracy. Here is why you should integrate sports APIs into your app.  

In this tech-driven world, speed of delivery matters a lot. Integrating a sports API will allow you to provide sports information through your app in the fastest way possible. Your audience will stay hooked to your app if they get the latest updates from the sports world.

It is not possible to collect vast data manually. That’s why you should use sports API to collect high-quality and extensive sports data. Sports APIs can deliver data like Live Scores and Updates, Player and Team Statistics, Historical Data, real-time odds, betting lines, match analytics, and whatnot.

What are the 7 Best Sports APIs to Use in Your Next App?


ESPN is in the 1st place on our list because of its high popularity. It stands out in the market because of its competitive coverage, reliable data, easy integration process, and more. Let’s discuss what features you can get from ESPN API:

You get a wide range of data from ESPN sports API from different sports like NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and more. You can also get real-time live scores and the latest news from different sports competitions and matches. They provide news on sports teams, players, and events. You will also get updated with the upcoming match schedule, players’ information, team details, league standing, behind-the-scenes content, and much more.

Pricing structure

Talking about pricing, ESPN API offers pricing plans for both commercial and personal users. For example, they offer free access to their APIs to small businesses, enthusiasts, and beginner developers. They also provide paid versions for commercial purposes, giant businesses, and to anyone who wants tons of sports data. The paid version provides more extensive coverage and limits. 

 2. Sportradar API

Sportradar is one of the very well-known API providers in this market. You can use their API to add multiple sports-related features to your app. Here is what you can get from Sportradar API:

First of all, the Sportraders provides a wide range of information about different sports like Football, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, American football, Ice hockey, and more. You can get a wealth of sports data like live scores, match analytics, upcoming schedules, players’ profiles, team profiles, historical data, and more from their API. They can access you details from matches like live scores, and players’ stats.

Overall, Sportradar Sports API could be a good choice for developers who are seeking bulletproof accuracy, real-time data, a wide coverage range, and an easy integration process.

Pricing structure

The prices might differ as per your needs and requirements. They allow competitive pricing with different plans with different coverage levels and price structures. The best part is that they allow you a free trial package, where you can try the API functions and features without paying.

3. RapidAPI

Rapid API allows one to get a diverse range of sports data without any manual efforts, which is the 1st requirement of any app developer. They provide data of various sports like Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, American football, cricket, and more. Here, you can get advanced sports information which include on-time live scores, updates, match statistics, historical data, players info, team info, and so on.

The rapid API also offers customization options to developers. It means the developers can add features and sports data to their apps, based on their audience’s interest. They provide you with a super easy and seamless integration process so that you don’t have to put much effort.

Pricing structure

When it comes to prices, the Rapid API offers you a variety of options and plans. The prices may differ according to your demand. You have to subscribe to their API plans that suit your budget and business needs the best. You can take the annual or the monthly plan. Make sure to use their trial package, as they allow you to test the features of the chosen API before subscribing.

4. The SportsDB API

The sportsDB is another popular choice of apps developers, as it enables them to get data from various sports worlds. They cover major sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey and more. They allow you to get a wealth of the latest sports information like team details, player details, match schedules, match analytics, league standings and so on. You can even get sports-related images and logos which include images and logos of teams, players, competitions, and events.

pricing structure

The reason why we have included this API in our list is that it is free of cost. Yes, you heard it right, the SportsDB API allows free access to developers. This API provides the best opportunity for enthusiasts, beginner developers and small businesses to access data for free. However, you must know that as it is free of cost, it cannot fulfill all your requirements.  

5. Betting Odds API

Betting App developers can also use betting odds APIs, as it allows them to integrate various sports-related betting odds which may help your users to win their betting games. You can integrate their API to get real-time odds, odd comparison tools, and in-depth analytical insights through betting odd API.  

6. Fantasy Data API

Fantasy Data enables one to get extensive sports data from major sports which include NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football, college basketball, golf, and NASCAR. It can be used by the developer to get a wide range of sports data for their app like players’ profiles, players’ stats, injury reports, lineups, latest news and updates, performance analysis, historical data, players and team ranking, and much more.

Pricing structure

The fantasy data API allows one with multiple subscription plans like fantasy, fantasy, and odds, and only odds. This is what the prices look like

  • The Fantasy plan is for $599 and provides 100 API calls daily
  • The Fantasy + Odds plan is for $899 and provides 1,000 API calls daily.
  • The Odds plan is for $599 and provides 100 API calls daily. 

7. Entity Sports APIs

The last but not the least, you can use Entity Sports API. Entity sports APIs allow developers to add multiple interesting features to their apps. They provide well-designed APIs which are capable of proving you with varieties of sports data like live scores, players, and team information. match fixtures, latest news, match analytics, and in-depth insights from matches and competition.      

Why should you use the Entity Sports API?

Why should you use the Entity Sports API?

At Entity Sports, we strive to provide you with excellent customer service with our sports APIs. We deliver a wide spectrum of data through our sports API. We have separate APIs for all the sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, and so on. Here is why you should choose Entity Sports API over other sports APIs.

Seamless integration process

A hassle-free integration with sports APIs is a dream for many app developers. At Entity Sports, we provide you with a confusion-free integration process. You can integrate our sports API by following just 3 steps:

  • Create account
  • Choose plan
  • Get your API

Yes, it is that simple, you have to follow these simple steps. If you still find it difficult to use API, our dedicated team is always there to help you. You can reach us anytime through emails or calls.

Important features

We offer you several sub-APIs with all our APIs, where you can find all the data systematically. Our sub-APIs are schedule API, live score API, players API, roaster API, competition API, match API, team API, and fantasy point API.

Data Accuracy

We provide accurate information through our APIs. That’s why, we are leading successful partnerships with many businesses like fantasy apps, live score apps, betting platforms, publishers, and broadcasters. You can get the highest quality of sports data including match schedules, live scores, player statistics, team rankings, historical data, and more.

In conclusion, you can use Entity Sports APIs to enjoy multiple benefits like competitive pricing, extensive information coverage, the latest updates, and customization features. Our API is also development-friendly which means, developers can design their sports apps, as per their need and interest.

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