To access our API subscriber need to have access key and secret key. To get the access credentials please follow these steps:
  1. Please register and create an account at – https://dashboard.entitysport.com/welcome/signup
  2. Please verify your email address through the verification mail sent to your registered email.
  3. Please login with your email id and password at – https://dashboard.entitysport.com/
  4. Now after successful login, please purchase the desired cricket or football API plan from the dashboard.
  5. After successful payment, please create your app from the application section.
  6. The application will have the secret key and access key, you can generate a token using the Regenerate Token button.
For more details please follow documentation.
We strive to update our cricket and football data feed as close to live as possible, without compromising on accuracy and reliability of information. Latency varies by competitions and all of our operations are carried out using trusted sources, which enable us to deliver fast and reliable updates of live scores. For the events which are covered with results only we add the final result as soon as it is published after the event. To know more about our Cricket coverage please visit –  https://www.entitysport.com/cricket-api-coverage/ To know more about our Football coverage please visit –  https://www.entitysport.com/football-api-coverage/
Subscribers can upgrade or downgrade current active subscription cycle whenever they want. Upgrading of the plan is possible from client dashboard, To downgrade subscriber need to contact us at sales@entitysport.com and request will be executed instantly.
Our Cricket and Football API service requires basic knowledge of data processing. Our Cricket data hosted widgets, however, require no particular technical knowledge as they are created and managed by us.


Yes, Entity Sports Provide Cricket Fantasy Points API. Our developed logics process the points based on the match performance.
Yes, Entity Sports Cricket API is a perfect fit for developing a cricket fantasy application. We provide player salary or credit value which is useful for a cricket fantasy application. We also provide Fantasy Match Points API.
Please use this Token – ec471071441bb2ac538a0ff901abd249, for development purpose. You will be able to access all Cricket API except player search, player profile, and player stats API. Free development token will give you access to a few completed competitions and sample response of each API so you can easily integrate each API. Cricket API Documentation – http://doc.entitysport.com/#cricket-api-v2
Yes, Entity Sports team continuously checks for updates on any player replacement, injuries, squad announcements. As soon as official squads are announced, it’s updated and clients can access the data using the API.
We at Entity Sports take accuracy very seriously. Our goal is to provide accurate cricket data feed. Our sports data feed is continuously analyzed by the verification team. During and after the match we have created multiple stages where we verify our data feed. We even provide verification status on API to make sure clients can identify that match data is verified.
Please use the following  API for the respective purpose –
1. To get the Competition Schedule Season Wise – Season APISeason Competition API.
2. To get the list of all available Competitions – Competition List API
3. To directly access Fixtures, Result and Live Matches – Match List API
4. To get the pre-match squad of any match please use. This API endpoint contains Player role, fantasy credits. – Fantasy Match Roaster API
5. To use Entity Sports Fantasy Cricket Point System – Match Fantasy Points API
To develop your own fantasy cricket point system –
1. To get the Playing 11 of any match always use – Match Squad API
2. To get the Match Scorecard of any match always use – Match Scorecard API
With our Cricket API Data solutions you will receive raw data feeds in JSON format. These you must integrate and publish yourself on your website, application, software etc. Our Cricket Data Widgets contain the same data as the Cricket API. However, we have already processed and put the data into a structured and styled html module, which you simply need to “copy/paste” on your website as you desire. So, in short, the Cricket Data Feeds (as explained above) require some technical knowledge in receiving and processing data but gives you maximum freedom to utilize the data, whereas the widget product is a “ready-made” white-label solution, which is ideal if your company wants to avoid spending time on data integration and have as little technical work to do as possible.


Entity Sports Football API update data every 5 seconds. We provide live points table which also stays updated when matches are live.
You can access all features of Football API on all plans. All plans have only 1 difference, the number of competition and matches can be accessed varies. Please visit this link to see the comparison of all 3 plans – https://www.entitysport.com/football-api-coverage/
We at Entity Sports value our customers. We guarantee you will be provided the best support in the industry.  You can reach us via e-mail, phone. All client queries get answered within the 10 minutes period.
Please use this Token – 44689d60663efa7ad59e4903675b794e, for development purpose. You will be able to access all Football API except the player and team API. Free development token will give you access to a few completed competitions and sample response of each API so you can easily integrate each API. Football API Documentation – http://doc.entitysport.com/#soccer-api
Entity Sports Football API provides most detailed in match player events. We cover over 50+ performance metrics of a player throughout the game.
  1. We provide advanced competition and match statistic.
  2. Live Points Table, Play by Play, Lineups, Formation, Match Projection, Player career stats.
  3. Competition and Team wise player roaster.
  4. Pre Match Betting Odds.
  5. Ultra fast live scores.
  6. Easy to impliment API structure, Detailed API Documentation.
  7. 24/7 mail and phone support.
  8. We guarantee best features in the industry with unbeatable pricing.
Entity Sports provide the best feature rich and affordable football API with the best support in the industry.


Every plan comes with API Requests volume. Accessing any Entity Digital Sports API endpoint (both verification and autocomplete) using a valid API Access Key counts as one “API Request”.
Customer will be automatically notified via e-mail once 100% of their monthly API Request allowance has been reached. Subscriber has to purchase API request add-on to avail more API requests. Subscriber can purchase add-on API requests from client dashboard, Add-on API requests are priced $10 per 1,00,000 API requests. Add-on API requests don’t have any expiry date, whenever the subscribed plan API requests quota gets exhausted, Add-on API requests available on users account will be utilized first.


Yes. Our Sports Data Widgets Solutions are fully compatible with all screen sizes. Our sports data widgets are created in a responsive design, which means they will auto-adjust to the screen size they are shown on.
Cricket hosted widgets are iframe widgets. You can copy/paste our provided widget code on your websites to use our cricket widgets. To know more about Cricket Hosted widgets please contact us.
Our cricket hosted widget solution pricing is different from API. To know more please contact us.


You can pay using a credit card, debit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), PayPal. For large deployments or annual subscriptions, we can invoice you annually and you can pay by bank-transfer.
Customers on monthly plans prepay on the beginning of their subscription cycle each month. Customers on annual plans prepay for the entire year. However, on the annual plan, we provide 2 months free which means customers will be charged for 10 months subscription only.
We have created addon packages affordable. User can subscribe for minimum base price $10 for 1,00,000 requests. For more request base price will be multiplied as per your requirements.
Yes, On annual prepay customer gets 2 months subscription free. So, Customer pays for 10 months gets subscription for 12 months.
No, All prices are excluding Taxes. All Indian Customers will be charged 18% GST.


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