With our Cricket API Data solutions you will receive raw data feeds in JSON format. These you must integrate and publish yourself on your website, application, software etc.

Our Cricket Data Widgets contain the same data as the Cricket API. However, we have already processed and put the data into a structured and styled html module, which you simply need to “copy/paste” on your website as you desire.

So, in short, the Cricket Data Feeds (as explained above) require some technical knowledge in receiving and processing data but gives you maximum freedom to utilize the data, whereas the widget product is a “ready-made” white-label solution, which is ideal if your company wants to avoid spending time on data integration and have as little technical work to do as possible.


To access our API user need to have access key and secret key. To get the access credentials user have to contact us with their requirement details. User have to generate access token with access key and secret key.Our API can be accessed by using generated token.

For more details follow on documentation.


Yes. Our Sports Data Widgets Solutions are fully compatible with all screen sizes. Our sports data widgets are created in a responsive design, which means they will auto-adjust to the screen size they are shown on.


You can pay using credit card, debit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), paypal. For large deployments or annual subscriptions, we can invoice you annually and you can pay by bank-transfer.


Yes, To know more please visit our refund policy.