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Live Scores and Sports Results

Entity Digital Sports offer reliable, fast and comprehensive live score and sports resulting data services for all International and Domestic major sporting events of Cricket. Through our trusted network and sources we ensure the timely delivery of live score, time and key event updates for Cricket Sport. As soon as we register a change to an event, i.e. a ball bowled in a cricket match, this information is delivered straight to our clients, 24/7/365.

The distribution of factual information to millions of end-users is a highly sensitive business which requires keen attention to detail and correctness of information. Therefore Entity have dedicated Data Teams which ensure thorough re-checks of both live and finished events as well as match schedules and stats to maintain the correctness and accuracy of our data.

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Fixtures and Event Schedules

In addition to our live coverage of Cricket events, Entity Digital Sports keeps you abreast with what is going on in the world of Cricket through our updates of match schedules (fixtures).

We offer complete event schedules on Cricket, updated as soon as they are released and our dedicated data teams are constantly monitoring to register any fixture changes within minutes, making sure you always have the correct timing in your sports coverage.

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Analyze the Game with Our Cricket Performance Stats

Statistical analysis has become integral in the game with increased match coverage, improvements in data transmission and more audience platforms. Team and player performances are being scrutinized and discussed to a greater extend than ever, using statistical information on key match events as the frame of reference.

Entity have made sure your company’s sports coverage is able to deliver the in-depth analysis from the game’s top performers your audience crave and expect today. Our Extended Performance Stats package contains various type of features including player and team in depth analysis which includes heat map,wagon wheel, in match analytic performance data.

Our Performance Stats are ideal for player, team and league analysis , team and player streaks, averages, disciplinary stats, and much more. Our Performance Stats can be used to produce editorial narratives and talking points on the development of a certain team or player or offer Performance Stats to your users.

League Tables and Rankings

Entity offers full standings/rankings as well as statistical coverage on all sports in our portfolio with varying degrees of detail. From our huge database of sports results and match details Entity Digital Sports are able to create and deliver statistical overviews on team and player level, as well as league tables, rankings, form tables, head2head stats and much more! Our statistics coverage has been optimised for a variety of editorial needs.

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