Cricket Widget Showcase

Live Scoring Widget

This widget shows current match details of two playing teams with live scores of both the teams.

Match Header Widget

This widget shows current match details of two playing teams.

Match Lineup Widget

This widget shows complete squad of both team which is playing match.

Match Scorecard Widget

Player Profile Widget

This widget shows players career statistics across all international and domestic platforms he played the game and his general playing details like no. of teams he played for batting and bowling style.

Player Performance Compare Widget

This widget shows players performance and statistic comparison for a competition and history data comparison of those two players like their statistics stands out to each other when compared across all formats.

In Match Player vs Player Data widget

This widget compares players in match performance data with opponent player and team player.

Competitions Stats widget

This widget shows statistic data of complete competition with player and team performance ranking in different parameters.

Type of runs widget

This widget shows type of runs scored in the innings and how many scoring shots played by player and team.

Manhattan widget

This widget shows no. of runs scored in a single over.

Teams Ranking Widget

This widget shows teams ranking in different parameters like no. of fours ,most wickets , most runs in a single competition.

Standing Widget

This widget shows teams standings in competition with parameters like matches played , points , wins , loss ,net run rate etc.

Wagon Wheel Widget

This widget shows the areas of a pitch where a batsman has scored runs during an innings. Updated live during international matches, the widget will display all scoring shots in an innings but the end user can then use the widget to show how a batsman scored their runs off individual bowlers.

To see the full list of our cricket widgets and information about the competitions that we covers download our cricket coverage information document below and for further information contact-us.

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